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Introducing the Yeti Vibrating Exhaler: Your Ultimate Breathing Companion

Unlock the Benefits:

  • Restores normal breathing post-surgery or in respiratory impairment cases.
  • Enhances strength and stamina of breathing muscles.
  • Recommended for COPD patients and smokers for improved lung function.
  • Ideal for post-surgical recovery, COPD, smokers, athletes, and general health.
  • Efficiently clears stubborn mucus build-up for clearer airways and enhanced breathing.

Features for Maximum Efficiency:

  • Vibrations gauge exhaled flow stability during workouts.
  • Adjustable pressure suits individual lung capacity and health status.
  • OPEP Therapy clears stubborn mucus build-up with vibrations.
  • Portable and adaptable for on-the-go use.
  • Replaceable mouthpiece ensures long-term usage.

Performance You Can Trust:

  • Utilizes variable load calibrated spring for resistance training.
  • Adjust resistance as breathing muscles strengthen.
  • Measures resistance in cmH2O for accurate tracking.

Experience the Yeti difference: A compact, effective solution for optimized breathing health, with targeted mucus removal for clearer, more comfortable breathing.


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